Coaching Framework

The New Coaching Framework


Netball Australia has recently updated their coaching accreditation framework which will be implemented in 2008.  The new framework aims to assist coaches to successfully move through the Coach Education Framework. 

The major change to the coaching framework is that it will be a six-tier progression, rather than the current three-tier, with each stage being accredited.  The names of each of the courses have also changed to reflect the level of skills required at each stage of the player and coach pathway. 

Course content has varied to reflect our changing community.  Some of the changes were required due to the need for coaches to be more mindful of inclusive coaching practices, risk management, child protection, member protection and immediate first aid.  Other changes were made to bridge the gap between courses.


The Foundation and Development courses are designed for beginner and club coaches.  They are both stand alone one day (8 hours) accredited courses and include Beginning Coaching General Principles combined with the skills of netball.  As accredited courses they involve competency based assessment of practical coaching.  Current Level 1 Coaches will receive the Development accreditation. 

Two new manuals have been written to support the Foundation and Development courses.  They include basic information on the game of netball, warm-up information including lots of warm-up games, coaching points of each skills, drills and activities for each skill and suggestions for changing each activity to suit the players’ ability, modified games and strategies.  These manuals will be provided to all course participants.

The introduction of the Intermediate Course (7.75 hours) recognises the huge step and aims to minimise the gap between the former Level 1 and Level 2 courses.  The Intermediate Course was initially designed by Western Australia.  The small ratio of presenter to participating coaches allows participants to be hands on and provides the opportunity to be mentored through the planning process and receive constructive feedback relating to coaching behaviours and the skill progression of a training program. 

Current level 2 coaches will receive the Advanced Course; this course has been updated and modified to reflect the skills coaches have obtained in the new Intermediate Course.  A manual will also be developed to support this course.

The new Elite Course is designed for coaches of state league and state teams and is modular based with alternative delivery methods to provide professional development for our elite coaches.  The course will comprise of a number of compulsory and optional modules with the practical components delivered in each state and the theory components delivered either on-line or by correspondence >

Finally the High Performance Course equates to the former Level 3, this course has been modified to reflect the changing requirements of coaching in the high performance environment.