History of Ipswich Netball

“ IPSWICH NETBALL - HOW IT ALL BEGAN” 1890 Basket Ball the men’s game was introduced into England in 1890 but made little impression in the men’s sporting circles when the more traditional games like soccer and cricket were firmly entrench. Women liked the game despite the fact that their long skirts, bustle backs, nipped waists and button up shoes impeded running on the court and their “leg of mutton” sleeves restricted arm movement and made dribbles and long passes difficult to execute. So the ladies decided to adapt the game to suit their circumstances. They divided the court into thirds and introduced a rule that the ball must be caught or touched at least once in each third. No one was allowed to run with the ball and they established restricted playing areas for each position. They got rid of the back board and modified the goal ring to suit the smaller sized soccer ball and created “NETBALL’ In 1892 the first game was played on grass in England with clothesprops for goal posts and paper bags for baskets. 1900-1920 Women’s Basket Ball was introduced into Australia at the turn of the century by English teachers and religious staff. By 1901, England had published the first set of rules. Basket Ball was first played in secondary schools throughout Australia prior to World War 1. The game advanced and closed basket was used and it was the umpire’s task whenever a goal was scored to climb up a ladder to retrieve the ball. This caused spectators much amusement. The game was a nine-a-side � Three shooters, three centres, and three defences. � The shooting section of the court was oblong with a free throw line, (this was changed to a semi-circle as we have today), but the free throw line remained. � Any shot at a goal caused the ball to be dead and it had to be restarted by the defending team. � They used to able to dive on the ball in those days a bit like football. � They played in stockings. � They used to have a contentious centre bounce to start the game. � Men were the only ones allowed to umpire. 1920-1929 Ipswich Netball as it is known today was started in the early 1920’s but was called nine-a-side. The earliest team know is a side formed from players in East Ipswich at this stage there was no association and players had to travel to New Farm Park in Brisbane of a Saturday afternoon for their fixtures. In 1925, teams were formed from Ipswich and their surroundings districts and competed against each other. Clubs had their own grounds and fixtures were alternated. Blue Birds (Raceview), Excelsior (Bundamaba), Bush Rates (Dinmore) Australs (saddlers Crossing), Waratah (North Ipswich) and Hibernia’s (Ipswich) and Snowdrops from Blackstone. Snowdrops had their own court and lighting which was erected on Mr & Mrs Williams property Mary Street. Most teams had their own home court and teams would travel to a different venue each Saturdayfor fixtures. Ipswich Basket Ball won many of the Country Championships from 1927 to 1930’s. President Secretary Treasurer 1927: Mrs A. Fields . T. Whybird 1928 Mrs A. Stanley T. Whybird R. Heffernan Mrs A. Stanley remained President for 14 years 1930-1939 1928 - 1941 President: Mrs A. Stanley (14years) In 1932 the first umpires theory and practical exam was in NSW. These were conducted by Mrs Ferres and Miss Anne Clark from the All Australian Womens Basket Ball Association. Doris Howes (Ipswich) later became an accredited Queensland Basket Ball Umpire (A grade badge). The Ipswich and West Moreton Basket Ball Association was formed and affiliated with the Queensland Ladies Basket Ball Association – affiliation fee was one pound one shilling. The 1932 Ipswich team captained by Rene Williams (born 1912 and is 89 years old try carnival they had a good carnival and the final game was goal for goal and Ipswich got in front by one penalty goal (one point for a penalty and two points for a field goal). The game finished and Ipswich has won but when the umpire checked the score the scorer had missed a penalty shot. Rene spoke to the umpire and told him they had won and everyone knew it. He said I know Ipswich won but I have to go by the score card, a draw. The umpire asked if they could replay the game on the next day Sunday at Maroochydore but Rene said no as it was the lord’s day and they would not play. The umpire then suggested they return to Wombye the next Saturday and replay the game, and that’s what they did and won the Country Championships. In those days to start the game the ball was thrown up in the centre. Rene played club for Snowdrops from Blackstone which won the shield in 1932. (This shield is in the club house) and later Checkers, their court was on the corner of Station Rd and Blackstone Rd. She remembers a team called Monties and says they were as rough as bags. Rene also remembers taking (coaching) a team to Toowoomba in 1956 to the Carnival of Flowers. She has been up to the courts in Limestone Park and watches the Netball on TV . But says she thinks they step a lot. On the 4th June 1938, Basket Ball became a seven-a-side game and the sport took another giant leap forward that year when ladies were given permission to umpire games along with men. Other changes were introduced, the contentious centre bounce was taken from the game and in place of that bounce the throw up was adopted. Today we have a centre pass won on the toss of a coin. Eight teams played in Ipswich in 1938. At the 1939 Annual General Meeting Mrs Alice Stacey was elected President for the 14th successive year, But it was disappointing for the sport because owing to lack of team nominations official fixtures were abandoned. The association folded for 2 years owing to a lack of interest. Mrs Doris Howes (Life Member) won the Dilger Cup for goal throwing in 1930 and the McGregor Lownes Country Cup. Ipswich won many representative carnivals in the 1930’s Doris House, Sybil Rice receive their “A” Umpires Badge 1940-1949 The game was restarted in 1941 when Miss Patricia Stackpoole was elected President, a position she held until 1959. Secretary Mrs S. Rice, Treasurer Mrs Rees. New rules were introduced in May, 1941. On the 24th June 1941 a constitution was drawn up. Seven Teams made up the association Pride of Moreton, True Blue, Cribb and Foote, Tangaloomas, Tryers and Sports. The Ipswich Association affiliated with Queensland Basket Ball (QWBBA) for a fee of 10 shillings and six pence. The Secretary of the association was nominated as a delegate to the QWBBA. Mrs Bullock the President of QWBBA invited Ipswich to combine their “A” fixtures with Brisbane. Ipswich declined the offer. The Ipswich City Council gave permission to the association to lay court in Browns Park. By this time there were 13 teams playing fixtures on Saturdays. Basket Ball was increasing in popularity, the game needed bigger facilities by 1947, when they combined with the Ipswich Vigaro Association to purchase grounds in Joyce St, East Ipswich, (adjacent to the Hockey Grounds) Electric floods lights were put in on two courts, his was done by Bill Howes and few friends after the holes were dug Bill used his truck to push them up. While he was doing this one slipped and fell on the roof of the truck, luckly Bill wasn’t hurt. Mrs D. Howes Secretary 1949 – 1970 ** Men were bared from umpiring a ruling handed down from above. To raise money in the early days the Association would run dances in the Trades Hall and Town Hall they were very popular. Players selected to play for Queensland in the 1940’s were Sybil Rice, Helen Clark, Mavis Warren, Myrtle Fowler, Mary Gibb 1950 – 1959 One of t ed the Commonwealth Jubilee Carnival of sport 1901-1951 and won the main trophies, the Ipswich Jubilee trophy which still hold place of pride in the club house in Limestone Park and the Nivana Shield. In 1952 the Patron Mrs Finimore opened the new amenities in Joyce St, East Ipswich and old players took part in an exhibition nine-a-side match. The association purchased a building from the Silkstone State School for 10 pounds, and with the help of supporters it was rebuilt on East Ipswich grounds as a canteen and clubhouse. In 1952 Ipswich hosted the representative carnival. Junior Basket Ball was introduced in 1956 and started with 18 teams and by this stage there was also 49 senior teams Presentation nights were held in the form of a banquet for many years through the fifties and sixties. Trophies in those days were all kinds of things like vases, trays, bowls all useful things. In 1959 the courts moved from Joyce Street, East Ipswich to Limestone Park, establishing 14 new courts that were officially opened in 1959. All the top dressing was brought in and volunteers planted the grass by hand. � Players selected to play for Queensland in the 1950 were Pauline Howes, Glenda Fraser, Daphne Qualischefski and Saeda Heuser. 1960 – 1969 President Secretary Treasurer 1960-62 D. Kruger Doris Howes Vi McMahon 1963 C. Salisbury Doris Howes Vi McMahon 1964 D. Kruger Doris Howes Vi McMahon 1965-70 Beryl Lyne Doris Howes Vi McMahon Forty teams were taking to the courts each weekend in 1960 when the sports headquarters were moved to Limestone Park on the old Golf Course where it took workers 8 months to make 14 courts. Mrs. Finimore then Patroness officially opened the 1960 season. Mrs B. Kenny assisted. Mrs Finimore to judge the dress parade. Players had to be at the grounds at 1.15pm for the parade. In those days a bus left St Pauls at 1.05pm and returned at 4.30pm to take players to and from the courts. A temporary storeroom was built in 1960 and stood until the early 1980’s when the courts were upgraded and 8 bitumen courts were laid. When it came to building of a club house the association only had threepence (two cents) in kitty so they raised money by making and selling toffee apples to the girls. On the 8th April 1961 new amenities were opened. In 1961, Ipswich again hosted a State Carnival and catered for more than 500 players. The move to Limestone Park assured the future and by 1967 there were 55 teams playing club fixtures and 44 primary school teams on a Friday. � In 1964 Mrs. Kruger the President became very ill, the secretary Mrs Doris Howes seeing the need to take the burden off Mrs. Kurger ask Berly Lyne to take over as President in 1965. � In the late 60’s the council was approached to put in more netball courts as the association had exhausted all the surrounding land, we had the first row as it appears to-day, another court on the bank below the velladrome and another court was on the land beside the tower. The council proposed to open the land at the back of the first row of courts as a rubbish dump and coal fill and as it was filled and compacted we would obtain more ground for the new courts. Sometimes the coal would smolder and catch on fire during Saturday fixtures and the fire brigade would be called to put it out. If wind blew in the direction of the clubhouse the smell from the coal burning and the rubbish dump would be horrific but we preserved with the smell, as we want the extra courts to advance the sport. � In the sixties & seventies each Saturday McMahon would deliver drinks and ice, we used big troughs to put the drinks in to get them cold, then at the end of the day we would put a big hose on and empty the water out. We always had ice for injuries in those days as we had to keep the drinks cold. In the late seventies we had a big drinks fridge built. � Basketball always had the best canteen a ent of lollies, which they used to get from Johnson lolly warehouse in town. � Players selected to play for Queensland in the 1960’s Denise Cuthbertson (3 times), Jill Hartley, Ruby Evans (Olsen) 1959-60. � Beryl Lyne received her A grade Umpires Badge 1970 – 1979 President Secretary Treasurer 1971 Beryl Lyne Madonna Mclean Vi McMahon 1972-3 Beryl Lyne Margaret Smith Vi McMahon 1974 Beryl Lyne Wendy Davidson Vi McMahon 1975 Beryl Lyne Wendy Davidson Vi McMahon 1976 Beryl Lyne Gail Lyne Vi McMahon 1977 Beryl Lyne Gail Lyne Vi McMahon 1978 Phylis Bradley Gail Lyne Vi McMahon 1979 Dan Holt Gail Lyne Robin Sloan � 1970 Womens Basket Ball officially changed its name to “NETBALL” as it is now known. � 1970’s - courts 17 to 24 were built as the dump filled up. � 1978 there were 24 courts operational and about 60 club teams from 10years to A grade and 68 primary school teams representing 20 schools. � A new toilet block was built. � One light post was put up with a flood light on so teams could train at night. � The old 3 box pleated tunic, white revere blouse and white silk girdle representative uniform was replaced with a modern uniform comprising of permanent pleated skirt and a white polo with collar. � The clubhouse was updated to include a first aid room beside the office and cupboards were build to house all the representative team uniforms � 1979 Beryl Lyne and Ellen Davidson receive their Life Membership. � Wendy Davidson received her state A grade umpires Badge � Beryl Lyne pushes and get Modified Netball started � Players selected to play for Queensland in the 1970’s Margaret Smith and Julie Binnie. 1980 – 1989 President Secretary Treasurer 1980 Dan Holt Gail Lyne Robin Sloan 1981 Dan Holt Gail Lyne Robin Sloan 1981 Dan Holt C. Miller Elasha Laitinen 1982 Margaret Niethe Lee Knott Elasha Laitinen 1983 Margaret Niethe Lee Knott Elasha Laitinen 1984 Rosemary Ovens Roxanne Profke Innica Shouteten 1985 Carolyn Miller Roxanne Profke Deyarne Dale 1986 Maryann Howes Jane White Lorraine Pascoe 1987 Maryann Howes Jane White Lorraine Pascoe 1988 Maryann Howes Jane White Lorraine Pascoe 1989 Rosemary Ovens Kaye Dalton Lorraine Pascoe � 1979/80 Ipswich Netball Association had 8 courts bitumenised and flood lighting installed. � 1982 The Limestone Park Netball Courts were renamed the Doris Howes Netball Complex. � 1982 Ipswich had 73 teams and 600 school players � 1983 A control tower was built. � 1987 A new constitution was produced in April � 1987 The Association become Incorporated in January � 1989 A new club house was built and officially opened on the Winter season opening day � Lee-ann Winks received her state ‘A’ Umpires Badge 1990 – 1999 President Secretary Treasurer 1990 Desley Eleison Kaye Dalton Christine Pasley 1991 Desley Eleison Valarie Horne Christine Pasley 1992-3 Desley Eleison Delma West Jane White 1994 Desley Eleison Delma West Margaret Page 1995 Desley Eleison Delma West Roslyn Rantin 1996-7 Gail Lyne Kim Munt Margaret Page 1998-9 Gail Lyne Laurel Taylor Margaret Page 1990 Australia Day Doris Howes Patron and Life Member of the Ipswich Netball Association is presented with an Australia Day sports administration award in recognition of her outstanding achievements as a coach, official (Umpire) and administrator. 1991 Ipswich Hosted the Junior State Age Championships 1991 I.N.A. Sports Dinner: Vicki Wilson guest speaker 1992 First Netball camp at Tallebudgera Nation Fitness centre. All our representative teams and umpires attended the camp (over 100 people) We had a variety of activities including water aerobics, kayaking, surfing, games night, videos, umpires courses, netball games, lots of training and guest coaches / instructers (Jan Magacis, Cheryl Grice, Sue Edwards, Kathy Walsh) form other tering and we all had a fabulous time. 1993 16 bitumen courts resurfaced and court layout revamped to include an umpiring line, this idea has now spread to other associations. 1993 new constitution printed 1994 Ipswich hosts Country Carnival 1994 Port-a-shades were purchased for our Rep teams 1994 Ipswich enters “The Ipswich Flyers” in the Queensland Netball State league Reserve and 17 years Division. 1994 Tricia McInally write a weekly column in Queensland Times 1995 Ipswich Wins the Reserve grade in the Netball Queenstand state league 1995 Fun – Net starts for 5 –7 year olds 1995 Started a 12 years development squad which proved very successful 1995 New Representative Uniforms purchased 1995 The Association purchased porta shades for rep teams 1996 New walk out Representative Polo Shirts and Shorts 1996 Ipswich Masters Netball games – Hosts – we played a one day carnival. Desley Eleison as a Life Member and past President Officially open the games. 1996 Installation of a sprinkler system in grass courts and around building 1996 New PA System installed 1996 A new line marker was purchased 1996 Purchased a second hand ride on mower 1996 Floor in office, breezeway and first aid room resurface 1997 New photo copier 1997 Built all the gardens infront of the club house and planted more trees. 1998 Secretary/Office manager appointed part time 1998 The computer comes of age for Ipswich Netball 1998 Upgrade of flood lighting 1998 Courts 25 and 26 were built to cater for the modified netballers 1998 Goal post pads were introduced and we purchased 25 green sets with Ipswich printed on 1998 Ipswich Representative team jerseys were produced 1998 Junior Umpires start to grow in numbers thanks to the hard work of umpires convenor 1999 Host Junior State Championships 1999 Ipswich Flyers enter the QLD Premier league NQ competition 2000/1 President Secretary Treasurer 2000 Gail Lyne Tricia Mcinally Margaret Page 2001 Gail Lyne Tricia Mcinally Margaret Page  Beryl Lyne - Patron and life member received a Australian Sports medal from the Australian government for her service to netball  Beryl Lyne – Parton and life member received a certificate from the ICC for over 50years service to netball in Ipswich.  Purchased new ride on mower and wipper snipper  New Representative Team Tracksuit was designed and look fantastic.  New portable tent was purchased.  Trial of payment of umpires of fixture games.  Ipswich Netball selected to be part of a Risk Management Pilot Project  2000/1 Construction of a double story building: meeting room and tower on the upper level and representative gear and maintenance storage area ground level. A ball wall which has been on the books for 10years has finally been constructed on the front side of the building facing the courts as part of the new facility.  The Beryl Lyne Netball Facility building was officially opened on the 15th September 2001. Denise Hanley officially opened the complex with Beryl Lyne. Denise has been supporting Ipswich Netball for many years, and was a great assistance to us in getting the building started. Denise has also judged many march pasts and dress parades and officially opened many winter seasons as Deputy Mayor and now Chairperson of Conservation Parks and Recreation. 50 guest’s celebrated the opening which included Lyne’s family members past & present Ipswich management officials & past Queensland representative. Ipswich’s oldest representative Rene Williams (1930) presented trophies to end of season finalist in conjunction with the opening of the new facility. Beryl Lyne was instrumental for netball during her 15 year rein as association president she started many new programs for competition, club and representative level and developed many aspiring umpi Queensland Country Committee and on Member of the Queensland Umpiring committee. Lyne traveled around the state of Queensland presenting umpiring courses and clinics. Under Lynes’s rein the courts were extended to 24 courts, some floods light were erected and the first of the bitumen court were layed. As a player Beryl played club and representative netball at A grade level and was still playing representative netball in her fourties. Beryl played her swansong representative games at the Ipswich Color City Carnival representative carnival where she also officiated. Beryl umpired for the next 20 years. 2005 Beryl is still at netball involved in and coached the Fun-net for 5-7 years old.  Sandra Newton recived her Ipswich life membership badge for her service to netball  Disabled Toilet was constructed in the breezeway.  Queensland Representatives 2001 Kelly Grant and Donna White 17 years Ipswich Netball as it stands to-day is 1 of the top 5 associations in South-East Queensland and boast top class facilities. 2002/3 President Secretary Treasurer 2002 Gail Lyne Tricia Mcinally Margaret Page 2003 Gail Lyne Tricia Mcinally Margaret Page  10 courts were resurfaced with Rebound Ace at a cost of approx $150,000.  Debbie Kreis received her B grade badge  Gloria Winks received a Honary Membership for her service to netball 2004 Gail Lyne Tricia Mcinally Margaret Page � Purchased shade structured for rep teams � Host to the 2004 Netball Queensland state age – the largest to date o Ipswich Netball the 2004 Australia Day awards for the Best Event in the City – State Age o Nominated for the Queensland Government “Sports Event of the year awards” � Ashleigh Wollens Queensland representative � Successful umpiring courses held by umpiring staff – basic and advanced. Ipswich is leading the way with junior umpiring development thanks to Umpires convenor Janella Page. 2005 Gail Lyne Tricia Mcinally Margaret Page/ Val Horne  Obtained a $840,00 dollar for dollar grant from the State Government , ICC and INA. To redevelop the Limestone Park Netball Complex.  Ipswich Flyers won 2005 open state league. Three teams entered into state league  Tegan Andrew obtain her C grade umpiring badge 2006: President: Gail Lyne Secretary: Deborah Vandenberg Treasurer: Margaret Page  The million dollar redevelopment of the Doris Howe’s netball complex. Although the end result is fantastic with a 24 hard surface complex – on one level 3 rows of 8 courts all under light and new toilet block. Revamped PA system and a power upgrade. To allow this project to happen and for INA to hold the 2006 season 6 venues were rented to hold the play the season’s competitions. On the 9th October we finally moved back to our home in Limestone Park.  Ipswich asked to hold the state age championships in 2007  New Representative team uniforms were finally decided on – green and while only back to Ipswich colours  President to chair the State Events advisory committee and assist with new strategies for Netball Queensland.  Four team entered into state league  Life membership awarded to: Deborah Vandenberg, Patricia McInally, Janella Page, Margaret Page